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Флаг Италии
Флаг Соединенного Королевства

What we do


Everyday we choose fresh and natural products to produce our ice-cream. We select the best ingredients to guarantee the taste and goodness: the walnuts from Piemont, scented lemons of Sicily, a choice precious cacao for our chocolate and the best seasonal fruits. Our ice-cream doesn’t contain vegetal fats, chemical additives, flavorings or artificial colors, neither preservatives nor GMOs (genetically modified products). Our ice-cream is freshly made everyday at the laboratory at every our shop, to guarantee the maximum quality and excellent taste that keeps integrally the organoleptic characteristics of the product.


We chose CAFFE ILLY as a partner to prepare our coffees. We recognised in its coffee blends the quality and taste that reflects our philosophy in a best way. A classic coffee or a special one, with ad addition of cream or with an ice cream, sheckerato, in a big cup, in a small one, in a glass… everyone has its own preferences in coffee.  At BONETTI you will surely find what’s made for you… 

La Dolce vita

There’s always a place for a sweet with a good cup of coffee! How can one resist to that sweet temptation? At BONETTI you can find a good wide range of pastry: starting with delicious cakes, cannoli and croissant to biscuits. Taking a break here it’s always the best way to relax, enjoy the sweet moment…more than deserved! 

Salty choice

Got hungry? Do you need something more nourishing than a simple whim? Here you have our salty offer: from classic stuffed panino, to a mini-panino gourmet, to a stuffed focaccia, to a club-sandwich, to fresh salads and dishes of the day. It’s perfect for a salty breakfast, mid-day coffee break, fast lunch or a snack. Here you will find everything you need to transform every moment into a joy.

Fresh Juices 

We make fresh cold pressed juices to guarantee the maximum quantity of vitamins and nourishing elements coming from fruits and vegetables. Fresh and delicious: made at the moment with endless possibilities of mixes, according you taste, choosing from a menu that we have created for you. The juices maintain all their  qualities and nourishing values  of season fruits and vegetables, making every moment of the break a tasty and regenerating interval, to kids and adults.

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