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Traditions according to Nature

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Флаг Италии
Флаг Соединенного Королевства

The quality comes from ingredients. We carefully select them from where they grow and become the best. That how our products are made: goodness of unic taste.

We produce fresh ice-cream every day at our shops, to give our customers the taste of a freshly-made gelato. Because if it’s fresh, healthy and delicious, it’s better!

It’s important to give a touch of good taste to breakfast. Add a marvellous taste to a dessert or an aperitivo, or to a quick lunch.

We created welcoming places, with spaces made for good time with friends or family.


The best of the best

One day two friends wondered if it was possible to create a space where you could unite a cafeteria and a chocolate shop, but also a gelateria and pastry shop and a juice bar, where you can enjoy a good aperitivo, sweet and salty snacks. A place that would have a home taste , which would remind homemade things prepared with passion and dedication. A place, where you could enter at any moment of the day and find exactly what you have in mind. A shop, that changes according to the hour of the day, but where the client is always in the center of the attention.

The gourmands already know how those stories usually end… There’s so much desire in finding that one spot that would have all these good things, made simply and with no tricks, with respect of the natural tastes, that one day someone decides to transform this dream into reality. That’s how two friends decide to put into life their project as a brand, with the united name from their surnames: BONETTI.

It all started with gelateria, an artisanal ice-cream place, also to remember how in the kitchens of the Medici courts in the middle of the 15th century, Bernardo Buontalenti gave a life to an invention which would have amaze and «freeze» the whole world till today. From that idea of gelato there was a further development of the idea of taste and almost artistic solutions that Bonetti have done to bring into life the ideas that they had in mind. 

Today BONETTI offers a wide choice that can meet one’s expectations at any time of the day. From breakfast with hot croissant to a coffee break with little salty or sweet pastry, from a fresh and light lunch to an ice-cream in the afternoon and a delicious aperitivo in the evening.

Everything is created with fresh and natural ingredients, bringing the philosophy «traditions according to nature» every day in different products. 

BONETTI: it’s a pause you take to enjoy in a different moments of daily life.It’s where you discover that the selected raw materials and healthy and fresh ingredients can amaze both eyes and mind. 

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